We capitalize on virtual and augmented reality to unleash creativity, pushing beyond the physical realm of possibilities. Why settle for the laws of physics, when we can be gods in a boundless virtual universe.

We draw inspiration from iconic eras and themes, to design unique game ready 3D masterpieces, available in augmented and virtual reality.

The XIOVERSE experience is one of a kind, bringing forth artistic genius, coupled with a strong understanding of blockchain technology, offering never seen before on-chain asset customization & integration, catering to everyone.



Artist series NFT holders can experience in virtual reality their own unique vault room hidden inside their watch, designed as per their watch theme. In every room lies a hidden egg and finding it would push the community a step closer to unlocking the key rewards and solving the era’s puzzle.

Creator Pass

Creator passes will be distributed yearly through the 200 PFP holders. These passes expire every year and allow holders to create artwork for model X watches. If the artwork passes the community vote they’ll be able to mint it under the Xioverse umbrella.


The Xioverse watches are uniquely designed and sculpted 3D ethereal watches that are rigged for animation. Our love for technology pushed us to research the latest and most advanced augmented reality technologies to bring forth a one of a kind experience. Through the Xioverse app, our NFT holders could view their watch in all its glory in virtual reality and project it onto their hand in augmented reality.


We envision the power of digital collectibles in being on a public blockchain, with public metadata anyone can extract information from. Our assets are game ready object files allowing gaming studios to incorporate them in their games through a system we put in place. You will have the potential to have your character wear your watch across gaming systems and even rent them to other gamers through our innovative rental system in a way that benefits you and the games that adopt them.



Vision Board

Goal 1

Release of a 200 PFP NFT collection entitled “The Clockheads”. Special entries will be limited to ambassadors, contest winners, early backers and adopters. Holders will be granted early access to all Xioverse mints, discounts on select collections, and rewarded with creator passes every year, valid for 1 year to contribute & leave an impact through the project, creating custom DNA capsules with their artwork and earn with the project.

Goal 2

Release of 40,000 Model X watches. These watches can be be experienced in Augmented reality through the project app, dismantled and reassembled with custom parts to express the unique identity of every holder with several rewards hidden behind secret watch combinations. 

Goal 3

Launch of the Xioverse AR app that will allow holders to visualize and interact with their watch in augmented reality.

Goal 1

Launch of the Xioverse rental program and legal pipeline allowing gaming studios the integration of our watch assets into their games benefiting them, the holders and the players.

Goal 2

Release of the signature artist watch series limited to 1,000 models uniquely designed by artists around different themes with immersive VR experiences transporting holders to custom designed vault rooms.

Goal 3

Building & auctioning off the largest artistic virtual clock, a collaboration between numerous artists to further cement Xioverse in the web3 watch space.


Assisting in building an augmented reality metaverse, providing immersive experiences for holders, mixing reality with the endless possibilities virtual reality offers.


Collaboration with IRL watch brands trough our AR technology to create a hybrid Augmented Reality/Physical Xioverse watch with integrated RFID chip for unlocking a digital collectible serving as certificate of authenticity  & projecting a virtual layer on top of the watch, complementing the physical design, adding to the playfulness of the experience and wow factor, simplifying web3 onboarding process for the masses.

Team Members



Visionary, Sci-Fi and fantasy writer, architect of ethereal worlds and weaver of wondrous dreams. Passionate for storytelling and virtual dimensions.



Wild card and people’s choice. Enchanter of hearts, crazy in mind and crazier in soul. Acutely perceptive, with a touch of almightiness.



Quirky, meticulous, wild, elegant, rooted, vagabond, a free spirit with fairy dust sprinkles, sprouting excellence in her footsteps.



Critically acclaimed music producer with a magic touch and a heart of gold. However his soul sways, notes follow in an enchanting whirl, mesmerizing spirits in an ethereal dance.



Genius hidden in a humble man’s clothing. Armed with his sense of humor and outstanding knowledge. Defi and Blockchain fanatic, always thriving for the advancement of human lives.

Social Media


An awesome team of friendly and knowledgeable individuals handling social media with extensive experience in AI to generate impressive content.



Innovator seeking new dimensions

Concept Artist

Joe Beaini

Design guru and art director



Producer and 3D Artist



3D Artist



2D Artist



3D Artist



3D Artist



3D Artist

Xioverse Q&A / FAQ for Investors & Stakeholders

The digital landscape is primed for innovation, especially with the accelerated digital adoption post-pandemic. Users are increasingly open to virtual and augmented experiences, making it the ideal moment for Xioverse to introduce a unique blend of digital collectibility with AR.

Xioverse employs a sophisticated algorithm to generate and track the uniqueness of each watch combination, ensuring every collectible is one-of-a-kind. This uniqueness is verified through smart contracts, enhancing collectibles’ rarity and value.

Xioverse addresses the static nature of current digital collectibles, limited asset interoperability across gaming platforms, and the lack of personalization in digital and AR experiences. It provides dynamic, personalized experiences that go beyond mere ownership.

The Xioverse app built on Unity utilizes Google Mediapipe for efficient hand tracking, interpolating wrist location to accurately place digital watches in AR. This technology ensures the app runs smoothly on various devices, even those with lower computing power.

Xioverse pioneers the AR collectible space within gaming by introducing wearable AR assets compatible across gaming ecosystems. It opens new revenue streams for gaming studios and unique monetization options for gamers.

Through continuous innovation, actively listening to community feedback, and adapting to market needs, Xioverse aims to maintain its competitive edge and respond effectively to evolving market dynamics.

ioverse operates on the Polygon blockchain, primarily chosen for its low transaction fees, high scalability, energy efficiency, and robust interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem and other decentralized applications. Polygon’s proof-of-stake mechanism aligns with our commitment to sustainability and ensures a cost-effective, responsive platform experience for users engaging in frequent transactions, such as minting, trading, and renting digital collectibles. Additionally, Polygon’s vibrant developer community and extensive resources support our mission to innovate at the intersection of augmented reality and blockchain technology, making it an ideal foundation for the Xioverse project.

Xioverse is dedicated to making the Web3 space accessible to everyone, including those who are not familiar with blockchain technology or do not own cryptocurrency. To achieve this, we have integrated payment services that allow for the minting of digital collectibles using fiat currency. This approach lowers the barrier to entry, enabling people outside of the Web3 community to join the Xioverse revolution and begin their journey into digital collectibility without needing to navigate the complexities of crypto wallets and transactions initially. By providing a more accessible entry point, we aim to educate and gradually familiarize new users with Web3 concepts and practices, fostering a learning environment where everyone can participate in and contribute to the future of digital ownership and augmented reality experiences.

Essential partnerships include collaborations with gaming studios for NFT integration, AR technology providers for hardware advancements, digital artists for unique content creation, and other NFT communities for broader ecosystem integration.

Strategic partnerships expand the platform’s content variety, technological capabilities, and overall user experience, making Xioverse more attractive to users and enhancing the ecosystem’s vibrancy and reach.

Xioverse stays informed on digital asset regulations, complies with legal standards, and engages with regulatory bodies to ensure a secure and transparent platform for users and stakeholders.

Xioverse conducts regular risk assessments, will establish a dedicated legal and compliance team, and develop a robust incident response plan to mitigate potential risks effectively.

Key revenue streams include NFT sales, transaction fees on the marketplace, rental models for digital collectibles, and partnerships with gaming studios and other entities within the digital ecosystem.

Xioverse contributes to innovation leadership, market expansion, user engagement and retention, strategic partnerships, brand differentiation, blockchain adoption, and sustainable growth, supporting the organization’s long-term strategic goals.

Whether you’re a user, developer, potential partner, or investor, you can join the Xioverse community by visiting our website, and following us on our X profile for the latest news and developments.

For more detailed information, collaboration opportunities, or investment inquiries, please reach out through our website’s collaborate section. We welcome your interest and look forward to growing together with our community and stakeholders.

The pricing strategy for Xioverse’s collections is thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide audience, ensuring inclusivity across different price points. Each collection’s price is determined based on several key factors, including the amount of artistic and technical work required to generate the models, the level of customization available, and the unique perks associated with each collection. This approach allows us to offer a range of collections—from more accessible options for those new to the world of digital collectibles and AR, to premium collections that offer greater complexity, exclusivity, and unique benefits. By adopting this tiered pricing model, Xioverse aims to democratize access to digital collectibles, ensuring that there’s something for every enthusiast, regardless of their budget or level of familiarity with Web3 and AR technologies.

We love our DNA and take pride in our artists, but we also admire and cheer for the success of others. With Xioverse collaboration we provide a platform to strengthen teamwork and collaborate with studios, individual artists, and communities, to merge DNAs and bring forth a new creative experience for the benefit of all.